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Wouldn’t you want to save on your Home Mortgage Rate?

Throughout the nation the unemployment rate is at it’s lowest, consumer confidence is up and the stock market is performing well. Yet, Fed has announced that it has postponed or eliminated it’s plans for another rate hike in the near future and most likely will reduce rates further to give the economy another boost. This is a great news for homeowners and home buyers.

Fed’s decision can play a tremendous role and have a positive impact to the value of your home, consequently the real estate market in Santa Barbara. As a result, if you are in the real estate market to sell your home most likely you will see a demand increase and more buyers for your home.

On the other hand, if you are looking to purchase a home in Santa Barbara you will have to work harder with your realtor, be more diligent and aggressive in making offers, as there will be more buyers out there shopping for the same house. This scenario intensifies much more if you are selling or buying a home in Santa Barbara that is valued under a million dollar as there are more buyers for this price range.

If you own a home in Santa Barbara we advise you to contact your lender today in order to assist you to refinance your home. As rates are being reduced it is a great opportunity to negotiate a better rate with your lender and save money on your mortgage.

If you own a home in Santa Barbara, thinking about buying a home in Santa Barbara or have any other real estate needs we are here to advise you and ready to be your trusted partner in the process.


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