How You Can Help Your Agent Selling Your Home Quicker?

Sell your home quicker by helping your agent

sell your home

Deciding to sell your home and actually selling your home can be overwhelming. There is a lot that goes into preparing a home for the market. As a seller your goal is to see your house sell at the price you want at the time you want and it is your agent’s duty to fulfill it. How can you help your agent so he/she can sell your home and accomplish your goal quicker?

But, before that how should you go about choosing your agent?

Choosing the right agent to sell your home

Selling a home is a lengthy process and it is people’s largest investment in their lifetime, therefore it is very crucial that as a seller you work with an agent that you know, trust and feel comfortable with. The best agent is an agent who is passionate about serving his/her client’s best interest. If you are interviewing new agents at your home try to get personal with them and find some common grounds with them, in order to see how comfortable you will be with them during the listing and escrow period. In addition, you need to learn about their experience, knowledge of the market, marketing plan, etc.

Now, after choosing your agent, how can you help your agent to serve you better.

Be there for your agent to sell your home quicker

One way that you can help your agent is by helping him/her not to miss any opportunity to show your house. Buyers can have a busy life, they may show up to town or get off work last minute and request to preview your home. Your agent doesn’t want to miss a single opportunity to bring you an offer, therefore, he/she calls you last minute and asks you for a showing. Be prepared to accommodate last minute previewing requests, if possible. Buyers will appreciate it.

Declutter your home to expedite the sale of your home

Most buyers are courteous of sellers and their convenience, but no matter how hard they try to plan last minute showing do happens.  As short notice previewing requests are quiet common, unless the house is vacant and staged, try to keep the house decluttered and organized ready to be shown.

Provide your agent with detailed information of your home

Supply your agent with as much information about your house as possible. Tell why you purchased the house in the first place and what are some of your favorite features of the home or the neighborhood. The buyers will appreciate those little things about your house and the neighborhood.

Prepare a list of your favorite features and all the upgrades you have made in the house during your ownership and ask your agent to include it in their marketing.

The job of selling a home is a teamwork and your agents will appreciate your care and attention for them and makes them work harder for you in representing your best interest.


Happy selling.


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