Montecito Mudslides Damaged Properties

Montecito Mudslides

In December of 2017  Thomas fire reached the hills of Montecito from the east, Ventura county, followed by a heavy rain. Consequently, heavy mudslides destroying over 200 homes and taking the lives of at least 20 residents in Montecito. Fast forward a year later we are seeing a rise in acquisition of properties effected by the mudslides. Below is a complete list of properties  damaged and sold after a clean up.

List Of Sold Homes

Based on our data 234 residential buildings, 18 commercial and 44 outbuildings destroyed in 2018 disaster. Since then, the community has done a tremendous job in cleaning and maintaining the affected areas. Additionally, many more homeowners are beginning to reconstruct their homes.

Visit the link below to preview sold and pending homes affected by the mudslides.

Preview the list

Montecito Mudslides Interactive Map

By previewing the map below you can witness where it all began and where it all ended, furthermore, which area have been effected the most. The map contains three sections where mudslides soared to the residential areas. Cold Springs, San Ysidro Creek and Romero Canyon Creek. Thus, you can easily determine that the concentration for most damaged areas are:

1. area of Olive Mill Rd to Santa Elena Lane north of Jamason street

2. San Leandro street west of Ennisbrook north of Jamason street

3. Park lane area – from San Ysidro creek to Randall Rd, East Valley Rd and Glen Oaks Dr.

To view the interactive map of the disaster and the affected areas visit the link below:

Interactive map

More detail

In spite of such catastrophic event, market has performed positively month over month, quarter over quarter. As a result, the number of such damaged properties selling is continuing to increase in the area.

For more detailed information about these properties and the Montecito real estate market after the mudslides visit the link below.

Visit here

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