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Beachfront Properties in Santa Barbara

During the first half of 2019 we had more beachfront properties sold than all of 2018. Most notably, Ellen DeGeneres’s home in Santa Barbara, 3443 Padaro Ln, Carinteria, Ca, that she had purchased back in 2017 for $18,000,000. Shortly after a very efficient and elegant remodel the property sold for staggering $23,000,000, in just 7 days of being on the market. Within the last 12 months, we’ve had 11 transactions (sold & pending sales) on the beach, historically the highest in this sector of the market.  Thus far, 571 Sand Point, Carpinteria, takes the first place as the most expensive sold on the beach in Santa Barbara in 2018-19.


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Luxury Resort

With the popularity of Miramar Rosewood Hotel in Montecito many from out of town have found Montecito as their newest weekend spot to frequently visit as their getaway. Consequently, the demand for “Beachfront Properties” in Montecito has escalated in a short span of time. Not to mention, that a several of these $10+ Million beachfront Properties received multiple offers in less than 10 days of being on the market, which was not a common thing a couple years back. Thanks to Mr. Rick Caruso for gifting our town with another one his amazing creations.

Available Beachfront Properties

For “Beachfront” home buyers 2019 is one of the best years. Thus, if you are looking for a home on the beach, ample options are available on the market today. Having said that, option are not enough for the number of inquires we are receiving today. Naturally, high demand is a catalyst to high prices of this type of properties.


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